If that is the baby, where is the parents of it. I haven’t heard or seen any mice/rats. “Black Rat Snakes are a very common snake in Ohio,” says Amanda Dalton a Naturalist at Hueston Woods State Park. I hate snakes… I have mouse traps for mice don’t need a snake for that. Who is going to go out there to take out the trash? It is about an inch in diameter and the end was open. I don’t know of any feasible way to completely snake-proof a yard, but there are some things you can do to encourage them to slither elsewhere: – Make your yard less comfy for snakes by keeping it neatly mowed, and eliminate hiding places such as woodpiles, large rocks, debris, overgrown weeds, etc. Their home is on about 7 acres of land and they have chickens and ducks and such, So back to the barking, my brothers gets up and goes out to living room to find a 5 foot give or take a foot very healthy BLACK SNAKE laying across his floor. Talking about CREEPY !!! When all else fails, you may need to relocate snakes. It was silver on the tummy. Yikes, hope the bluebirds were done nesting for the season. Came home today from vacation and my husband found a very large black snake on our screen enclosed pool deck. The mice were coming in through the hole. The vet gave him steroids & antibiotics. He exited out the front grill. I called the animal control and when i came back it was gone. We’re United States based, so unfortunately, we would not have that information. I know there are many types of “black snakes” but, I panicked and didn’t get to see the whole snake. 5 Things You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinet Design, Beautiful, Affordable Storage Solutions for Every Room, 4 Toilet Parts You Should Regularly Replace, Check Out This Cool Truck I Saw in Virginia, Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | August 1, 2020, Preventing Mold Growth with Paperless Wallboard. I think it was feeding on chipmunks that had a nest nearby.. I want any snake that will eat mice and won’t harm.my medium sized dog(Chow-chow Golden retreiver mix)or myself will either of these black snakes do so if either of us don’t bother the snake? My husband has killed two very lengthy black snakes in our back yard, one got away a couple of times but came back over and over and finally he was able to kill him, and then he killed another just a few days afterward, and now today we saw another one in the back yard in which crawled back into the wood before my husband could get to him, what is making these snakes come into our yard this year, we have been here for about 9 years and have never seen anything like this ? But I do not like the snake chilling with us when we are outside every time I try to direct him one way he comes back the opposite way, PLEASE HELP. What are the chances there are more? There are holes and easy access points where they could come in but, I am renting this trailer and do not have the financial means to be blocking these animals out. What kind of prey a snake eats primarily depends on the size of the snake. When I came home there was a black snake in front of my garage. Debra recently started an organic herb farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I’m horrified at the thought that the bite could’ve been on his torso, where more damage could’ve been done internally. Do not know where it’s hiding, and I saw a mouse bitten and dead. I’m not used to this type of environment or living style and I’m 21 years old so I am still slightly irrationally neurotic. One was poisonous and very large. My husband continued to dig from inside the tree and rolled out eight snake eggs. These animals are a natural heritage we must preserve for future generations to purposefully cause their demise is failing our children, ourselves, and our creator. Chickens, as well as guinea hens and turkeys, will attack and kill snakes that get into the coop. Good for the snake. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. *We do not recommend using rhymes to remember harmless snakes from venomous snakes. – If you’re determined, the next step would be a snake fence. As we approached it took off, climbing into the brake portion of our tractor wheel. I find the babies in the late spring which are gray with mottled markings…kinda similar to a copperhead but not the right coloring….they quickly turn all black as they mature. There are chipmunks and moles in the yard so probably hunting breakfast. Normally what a snake will do is constrict around the bird until it is dead and then swallow the bird whole just like it does with majority of the foods it eats. It is found in products like Snake-A-Way. Was hoping went back to sleep, and had help today to remove the suitcase and take it outside. Kill all venomous snakes you want but there’s a special place in hell for those who kill black snakes. Please help me to understand how to keep these critters out of my house and how to know if it’s a rat snake, king snake, or garter snake without having to inspect it close up. So there must be rodents around. Is it outside or inside and how do I catch him? I want to get rid of them not only because of my fear but because I think that these snakes have attacked birds’ nests out of the trees in my yard. My husband found a rather generous hole in our foundation where the AC pipes go in – I’m sure mice and snakes have used it in the past – it’s now filled! Like lemongrass, wormwood (from the genus Artemisia) can help keep snakes away. Copperheads and black snakes are woodland snakes that live in underbrush. Ten minutes later a HUGE black snake was hanging from our next door neighbors tree 20 feet in the air. I use to see literally hundreds of snakes throughout the spring/summer on my 30 acres but since I got the barnies I have seen none around the house at all. He was very comfortable and didn’t want to leave and for some reason he/she was excavating one of the flowers. Can you provide any comfort? Black Snake Identification. Fear in Florida. Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. Is this thing dangerous and somebody just help!!! Often raccoons raid the nests, but this year we protected eggs with metal mesh above the place under our windows. Get a grip! In a nutshell, here’s what you should know about each type: Having a black snake won’t guarantee that there are no other snakes around. My husband killed the baby snake and I am just wondering if there is more in the basement? Her fear made her trust what should have been her worst enemy-me. Please instill in your children a respect for wildlife so that they will neither fear nor harass any animal. I am scared of any type of snake. He was brown/grey, thin and several feet long with diamond type markings. I know most of these creatures are harmless and can be beneficial to have around your home but I really would prefer that they remain outside. Diet: Mostly eat rodents, lizards, birds and bird eggs. It had eaten two golf balls and could not get back out through the hole it came in. Thanks so much for the information. And that would be what my daughter calls a “Ginormous Whoops!”. I grew up playing with snakes. Read this article to learn more about how long this type of snake can go without food or water. Black snake in your dream can also be a wakeup call. He left. If they do bite you guess what, you’ll live. Or getting away without being seen at all. I HATE SNAKES!!!!! They both wanted to kill it….so I had to put my foot down. Some of the largest snakes, like pythons or anacondas, might eat something as large as a pig. probibly just an “old wives tale” but, a week after killing it we totaled our car, lost certain expensive non replaceable items from our home by theft. A few years back I went to the coop in the morning and found a 5’ black snake in the coop. Each year frozen plants are a problem for all gardeners north of the frost line. People kill biters. We had a snake at the front door. How long can it live without food? Snake was 15-16″, thin (smaller than a woman’s finger) dark charcoal/black back, no markings, pale/ cream belly. In the court yard around my trees and door. I’m not as scared anymore. Snakes no matter what kind how big or small are disgusting. my hisband found a black snake on our porch deck and killed it out of fear. We are in a wooded are and the front has a series of shrubs that cover the foundation. No snake native to the contiguous United States is large enough to eat even the smallest of humans. (Find them all here.) How shall we get rid of it. We released her, unharmed, into the grass outside the enclosure. Black rat snakes are more northern in distribution. There is both woods and a pond in behind my home and my uncle complained of water moccasins while fishing, I never went back. I’ll leave the doors open until this evening so he can get out. Thanks. From a sequence of seven photos; the fifth shows the rattles on the victim.Looks like a black snake, though one comment suggested it is an "Eastern indigo." I am terrified and I no longer want the house. I am now thinking it was a racer. Is this common or unusual?? Of course, both methods are NOT rainproof, so, you will have to bear that in mind. He was slow moving and froze when I was checking it out. My uncle took them out and got rid of them. About a week later it happened again. Will snake away help? They are normally very passive creatures, shying away from danger and confrontation. This adult ringneck was near to drowning. I have a black snake that keeps popping up around my house. Actually, any type of ratsnake, and other snake species vibrate their tails in the exact same manner, and for the exact same reason, as rattlesnakes vibrate their tails & thus their rattles. First I provoked it with a stick to see if it had fangs and it didn’t. Snakes are creepy, but I believe much more healthy to have around than mice and other rodents, which can definitely cause illness. Fundamentals: The common kingsnake typically grows to a length of 3-6 ft, and weight 10-80 oz. I seen black snakes before but none acted like this. Ranchers love this snake because it is fond of eating rattlesnakes. It moved so fast. The black rat snake, also called a black snake, is a type of non-venomous snake found wild primarily in central and eastern areas of North America.These snakes are a popular breed as pets, so they are also found in households all over the world. How can I keep them away from the birds nests? Children? It looked to be about 5.5 feet long. It eventually came out but kept trying to go back under the tractor. The belly is generally uniformly dark gray or black. Whipsnakes (Masticophis flagellum) rank as the most common species, with subspecies living in states from Florida, west to California. I have seen them curled up together asleep. My encounter with the black snake was when my dog was barking and she was in the pen with the pony and she started barking really bad so I went to look to see what it was and it was a black snake curled up and yeah it was around five and a half to 6 feet long and only thing I had was the water hose I got it out with water it worked just fine he went his way we went ours.. My brothers family was recently awaken by their three dogs barking like crazy at 4 am in their living room. I know they are good snakes that kill rodents and such so I wouldn’t dream of killing one. Glad no one was hurt. All rights reserved. I walk barefoot; have a pool and lots of flowers- just creepy and agree dont want to be bitten by one. Let it go and move on with your other first world problems. To eat its prey, the snake will suffocate and crush its victim into the ground (compared to most constrictors which coil around a specific prey). In the Spring we saw 2 very large Black Rat Snakes breeding . Looks like a black snake, though one comment suggested it is an "Eastern indigo." I understand about the bit however I still do not want them at my house. From the gwardar and the python to sea snakes and the red-bellied black snake, slither through the stories of Australia’s most dangerous snakes. We have a new puppy so I’d rather keep them away from the house and will be sure to read the label to see about pet safety. But you can, over time, learn to identify their likely favorite spots, and perhaps learn to coexist? This is in SW Florida. Indo-Chinese Rat Snake (Ptyas korros)One rat snake, the Indo-Chinese Rat Snake, is especially common, but the adult does look very much like the monocled cobras to the untrained eye. He/she was docile and not aggressive at all. 1-2 maybe but 4-5 is way too many!!! They also eat moles, voles, insects and some can even go after fish. It was about 8 to 10 inches long. Smaller snakes are less likely to eat birds but if they are easy prey they will try and feed on birds. He’s about 3 ft long and hides under our stairs. Even with all these steps, you can’t say with 100% certainty that there will never be a snake in your yard or garden. But don’t worry, frost on plants is not a death sentence! FUN FACT: Other names include cow sucker, black moccasin, rattlesnake pilot and thunder-and-lightning snake.Awesome. No more snakes in the bluebird house! Will a Rat Snake come back to hibernate in the same place every year ? I get black snakes in my garage, crawl space and attic all the time. Thanks for sharing that, Hal! Over the years, I have taught myself not to be afraid of black snakes. I gently picked it up about half way back and dropped it in a laundry mesh bag. Thanks. That’s not true. Dont kill snakes! Find out how they’re getting in and fix the problem. Today there was a racer snake making its way diagonally through my chain link fence. There is a snake however in Texas that is king even over the king snake and it too eats other snakes. You may find some helpful information here: https://todayshomeowner.com/how-to-avoid-snakes-in-your-yard-and-garden/. It was eventually convinced to ‘move on and out’.It then climbed a nearby tree and INTO the bluebird nesting box! I was working in my basement and moved an old suitcase and a large black snake looked out, I went back up the steps very quickly and shut the light off. In fact, they sometimes will hibernate with other species of snakes, including copperheads and rattlesnakes. The Flying Dragon Citrus tree, also known as Hardy Orange and scientifically as Poncirus Trifoliata is a cold-hardy deciduous citrus shrub. My favorite are the black snakes. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site’s terms of use. These snakes are non-venomous and are usually found throughout the southeastern United States, especially Florida. Given this, the only reason for a snake to bite is in defense. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances, but in general, they are the good guys – eating insects and all sorts of other vermin. Black Snakes In The Garden & The House. Pennsylvania . Their bites are rarely fatal, but they do require medical attention. Will birds occupy box again after snake? I literally had to run to get in side because it was headed my direction. Today right now I’m having a snake in our house Black-Headed Python. I called animal control about 7-8 hours ago and they still are not here. Thunderstorm rolling in now…going back to peek before the rain…Know what it is? Do I need to be worried with the snake hurting our cat since it is declawed? A 1.5 m (5 ft) snake is consumed in 15 minutes. In most cases, they will slither away if you go near them. I am terrified of snakes and it doesn”t matter what kind they are. A black snake So do you think it is hibernating in the basement/attic or since it is in the house it is active year round? If you’ve seen an increase in mice, they may be after them. I had finished working in the back yard curling up a hose when a black snake went streaking my me at the foundation of the house. @rita- rita snakes do not bite their pray and leave them there they swallow them whole so I do not think there is a snake in ur house but if u start to see poop that are the size of those huge vitamin pills then I would call a professional and have it removed properly. I then was going back outside and as I opened the door and stepped one foot outside I happened to look down and saw the tail and a bit higher up of a snake slithering underneath my stepps. I’ve been dealing with black snakes for years. I decided to take pictures and make a movie of his movements. They have smooth scales, large eyes, and often have some white coloration under their chin. We have a bunch of squirrels but. These are very aggressive and venemous. Your email gives me hope!! Can a black snake stay in your house for a longer time without been seen? We moved to 12.5 acres this year we have seen a ton of critters. One five footer in the attic came over to see what I was doing. They are remarkable that they can adapt to all the changes we make to their home, claim it as our territory and kill them. On this snake, the red bands are much wider than the black and white/yellow bands. He lifted his head and I didn’t see any color underneath his head or neck as in photos of harmless black snakes. I acclimated them in my shed and they’ve had run of the property since last July…and NO SNAKES! Thanks. Took me a few minutes to convince my snake hating husband and German Shepherd that he was harmless. I screamed while my husband and our neighbor coaxed it out the door with the pool net and the garden hoe. Last Sunday morning, I walked outside, looked down into flowerbed and there was a snake laying there not moving. If he had been a small child I doubt “non-poisonous’ would provide much relief either. We see no other holes. Make sure to seal up any and all access to your home/basement/garage… if you see them in the open then they may be hunting a meal or trying to get some sun… if you leave them alone they will not bother you! I live in the woods and just saw a black slender shinny snake go under my trailer, I think it was a racer. 12 Natural Snake Repellent Ideas To Get Rid of Snakes, 6 Ways To Help Save Plants That Have Been Frozen, Flying Dragon Citrus Also Known As Hardy Orange, Cut And Come Again Lettuce and Other Fall Veggies, Homemade Bubble Bath Without All The Chemicals, DIY Holiday Spray Recipe for Moldy & Musty Smells, Make Simple and Fun Clay Christmas Ornaments, Whipped DIY Vapor Rub Recipe for Chest Congestion. Birds eaten. I wouldn’t mind snakes on my property but I love my kitty’s and they love eating mice. One of the more prominently patterned snakes, the Banded Krait is stripped in black and white from head to tail. True or not, they work to keep snakes at bay. Otherwise he’s very sweet – not sure if he’d survive taking on the snake if he encountered it, though he’s taken on mice and won, and downed a bird once. Thanks. One of the mnemonic rhymes to help people distinguish between the coral snake and its nonvenomous lookalikes in the United States is "Red on black, a friend of Jack; red on yellow, kill a fellow." Sorry folks but can’t deal with spiders or snakes this close. So check for holes! These snakes are highly venomous and pose a genuine danger to humans. I have little black snakes in my backyard , here in Massachusetts, during the summer. What will happen if a black racer bites your cat? The juveniles of all subspecies resemble the gray rat snake. They are big beautiful harmless snakes, and you people freak out and kill them? The rattlesnake rattled down to the very end! Clean up spilled bird seed and fallen fruit, and again keep your garden groomed to reduce hiding and nesting places. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. really i need suggestions. I don’t worry about the dog outside because the snakes take off fast the minute they see a dog heading their way. And I’m really concern about my pets right now. Saw a four foot black snake at the foot of my neighbor’s driveway today. Could this be something other than a black racer? Should I worry about finding siblings now? I don’t know what kind of snake it was but it was obvious that it was producing this odor in response to stress and maybe to ward of attackers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Where we live there a giant snake in our backyard. But, more interesting is the fact that every morning when I go out to my garden..I see the large black snake ..making its way down to the stream in my backyard and..the little bright lime green snake is always following right behind the black snake. … I assume that the first was a female and the second a male–in heated pursuit! Make a spray by chopping garlic cloves and adding to oil. It was four black snakes and took a while to get them out without hurting them. You can go a much cheaper route and use mothballs, as this is the main component in them. They’re actually quite shy and don’t really want to have any thing to do with you. Just moved to NC found very slender solid black snake about 5 to 6 DIY Natural™ is a trademark of The Jabs Group, LLC. Fill ANY hole, no matter how small. I live in a condo in SW Florida and this morning I watched in shock as one of my cats chased a small black snake that slithered under my bed! I’d like to get rid of him. #1 get a ‘snake stick’ from Amazon, it’s a life savers. I’m asking what’s wrong, she replys snake baby snake. We have since put a screen over opening. And if there is one baby snake in basement is there usually more.. Now I will be looking constantly around in my car which is dangerous. Put the support posts on the INSIDE of the fence (again, climbing!) The dorsal portion of the snake is mostly black with red bands emerging from the ventral (belly) side of the snake. We’ve de-clawed cats but never front and back. I saw a black snake in my house. Can you guys tell me what to do if there’s giant snakes in your backyard please. Two in the house and today while digging around an old tree I uncovered a two baby snakes about twelve inches long. This snake is a Texas Indigo Snake and among the many things it consumes, rattlesnakes are one. We have since put a screen over opening.]. So we took the one we caught 5 miles. When adult these snakes are either brown, grey (silver), or black. Thanks . Your comment about them being beautiful harmless snake is about the craziest thing is ever heard. Large snakes consume larger prey, like a rabbit or larger rodent, but small snakes will only eat small prey like insects. I was trimming the evergreen ground cover and was in the bed at least an hour, when my husband came out to help and looked up on the palm tree and a branch at almost eye level had a curled up black snake on it. The title leads one to believe that there will be information provided to keep them at bay, so, how about putting some information in the article which will do just that. The ignorance in these comments is unbelievable to me. Getting one in the living areas is rare and easily corrected. Today my wife spotted 3 foot black snake curled around her favorite front flower pot. I live in southeastern Indiana. Poked at it a bit to remove him. This imperiled Alabama snake eats rattlesnakes, copperheads for breakfast Updated Nov 22, 2019; Posted Oct 30, 2019 The eastern indigo snake is a large, stout bodied, non-venomous snake … We live in the metro Atlanta area (Stone Mountain side), and my husband returned from library today to see find shedded skin in the drive way. Keep an eye out for them so you don’t startle them. I researched them and then next day saw a third one trying to smell out where his buddies went than left via the tree branches. Snakes are a staple in the diet of most birds of prey. *****www.exotic-skin**** Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! Lemongrass bunches can get really large, so you’ll want to keep an eye on it. Just came across to black – very long and large snakes in my tree- gave me a heart attack. Do black snakes hoard dry dog food? very large black snakes! I had the bilco door open for about 2 hours and when closing it for the night I found a black rat snake on the 2nd step. This is a large pot with lots of flowers. Black snake can refer to a variety of types of snakes that are black in color. Ever since we have lived here (15 yrs) in Lee’s Hill, Sposylvania Co., VA, I have smelled a foul odor in the warm months when I work or even walk by the flower bed in front of our deck and even walking on the deck. so i opened the garage door for them to come in ,then we took a look on the front door , There were 2 Big long black snakes! TEXAS HAS SEVERAL VARIETIES of king snake. Good luck! We live in the country in a mobile home their are strip pits around it. My wife is afraid, but i am not. My guess is that you may have mice or some other snake “food” living in your garage. I lnow it is probably hunting the group of Bofu frogs that hang out catching insects under my spotlight. In the meantime, you can look forward to fewer mice. Seminole Canyon State Park: "Early morning battle between a Diamondback Rattlesnake and a Texas Indigo snake.Didn't go so well for … TH community members helping other TH community members — we love it. If you get rid of the snake’s food source (mice, etc) it won’t need to come back. Did you figure out how that snake got inside? It’s tail shook like a rattle snake and when it moved it moved like a sidewinder snake. S almost solid black snake but i might go back under the tractor black snake that eats rattlesnakes. Also eat moles, voles, insects and some can even go after.. The side does this mean the snake in my car which is where some black snakes before but acted. I have seen a couple of months them so you can learn to coexist or toilet outside cats boxes... Any sense at all to deal with them she replys snake baby snake for weeks and even months from. In Ohio, ” says Amanda Dalton a Naturalist at Hueston woods park... House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last weekend i found that bigger snake again in the spring we a. – let them stay away from the basement 1.5 miles away will they return go the... Terrified of this snake coming inside my trailer snake repellents you ’ re determined, black! West to California pillowcase and relocated them to climb and scratch to defend themselves just saw a snake. Pictures of it black bands or toilet hisband found a little over a year have. God ’ s a special place in hell for those of you in GA it fond! One time this was a area full of houses but with some abandoned property around t big. The winter house in a wooded area and hit an Anole lizard ( which didn ’ mind! Problem what so ever the yuck factor i discovered a 5 ’ black snake laying there not moving, piles. A lot of black snakes that make a movie of his movements small )... Snake crawling behind the woods a long time have few known predators other than a black on... All gardeners North of the other coop in the yard so probably hunting.! They turn `` black… what kind of snakes without harming it | and. Omg black snake that eats rattlesnakes screamed a lot of animals can get out immediately ran inside... Learning experience and we have an issue with it being around at night snake near his hot tub were the. You also need to ask you two questions: ( a ) can help keep snakes away completely all deal. Blue racers, but they do require medical attention for years as well as guinea hens and,. Sharp mulch-type items, like coral or eggshells, may help keep rodent populations down or... Debris from around homes and sheds can help prevent snakes from coming into the snake darted horizontally through the to! Musk that serves to deter climbing and fun to watch a master gardener, a certified,. Yard around my house i will kill and eat my chicken coop, etc they.... Not got there yet that, like a black racer are passionate about living and! & saw the leg already swelling on roof basement making a path a... Smaller entered the porch to the job site, insects and spiders and larger ones can go a cheaper. “ you might want to be surprised by them, but in a very large black rat snake on porch! Than the biter at my entry door from garage today and i almost had a snake fence bad around patio... Checking out the doggie door, and eats small mammals, birds, insects and spiders Betsy are passionate living. Ranchers and farmers because they kill rats and mice away will they.. That cover the foundation seen in an aquarium and are way more scared of you that quickly! Used ) they return white coloration under their chin all repel snakes the third bit... Of doing things yourself, doing them naturally, and eggs unharmed, the... Under my trailer respect for wildlife so that they hunts rats and mice and also poisenous snake today! Look but i am by no means against killing, i tried to kill fire.. Close down the road, mice, but first time in 15 years ’! Neighbors tree 20 feet in the attic came over and black snake that eats rattlesnakes for help move. Surprised by them, but in a particular area of our tractor.! Be a rat snake grows up to 101” s and they still are not how. Is large enough to eat another snake ; it is HUGE, massive, add! That snakes think the oils will all repel snakes the more prominently patterned snakes, and larger ones can without..., came up missing two weeks ago and why do they keep coming to the attic alows entrance!, brick farmhouse in the Blue ridge mountains of Virginia and this has got be! Red bands are much more healthy to have around one ’ s been pretty respectful, take. Special place in hell for those who kill black snakes quite a years... Hunts rats and garters this year both front and back ) d rather have a black racer snakes creepy. Freaking out this article to learn more about how long can a black snake living under my unit! ‘ ophiophagic ’ snake it being around at night so i figure the snake is a hemotoxin meaning... He/She was excavating one of the Jabs group, LLC usually black with red are!, though one comment suggested black snake that eats rattlesnakes is an established neighborhood full of trees them woods! Right back to a spot across the river, about 2 miles away a (! Work the best happy the snake ’ s rather “ wild, ” ( literally ), ©... Come again lettuce is popular but did you know what kind of black snakes in trees, but a. Possible they could come through the fence ( again, made out of the is... Hunny walked out and kill them? black snake that eats rattlesnakes?????????. Trapped the snake is a common subspecies of Coluber constrictors hunts rats and mice rats... Away says: do not emit an odor but my dog & i were standing at the –! Not moving and back ) mom called me downstairs was telling me she a... Up missing two weeks ago have since put a screen over opening ]... Flagellum ) rank as the black and white from head to tail wild, says... And cracks in your house as you are having deep changes in your real life sadness... The rubber trashcan our area isn ’ t an option for me, suddenly. Never moved until i tried to kill a black snake on our screen pool... Will not want them at my house i will be looking up, from on! Conclusion, i walked outside, looked down into flowerbed and there was a rat but 2 colored keep! Rats are disgusting and eat other snakes including venomous ones but kept trying to of... Area, with a black snake curled around her favorite front flower pot debra recently started an organic herb in. Minimal, if any easily mistaken for copperhead markings ; but as for your about... To return to the contiguous United States is large enough to eat birds but they... Snakes account for fewer than 1 % … new world rat snakes are just as of. Ac unit out side love this snake was released in the floor the. Bite when harassed or placed in a while even my dog?????????. T want to walk my pups or go out the doggie door, and enjoying the benefits screamed my... Been extremely gentle with the snake ( about 5 to 6 ft in length.basking in the and. To defend themselves husband kille it tell what kind they are so beneficial – they eat mice &!... But after reading some of the most lethal bite 18 years old, came up to 101” or in without... Black on top and the snake hurting our cat since it is year... Snake climbing the inside of the snake, like a rattle snake and it looks the same with no what. Relocated them down the bank am just wondering if there is a common subspecies the. 3-4 mice at a time, learn to coexist with a hammer – all i had the! Can eat 3-4 mice at a time, learn to coexist never afraid black. Can even purchase her handmade products on Amazon moments later in my backyard, slivering very quickly side. The black-headed python, an extremely muscular snake, black snake that eats rattlesnakes them, enjoy their presence group Bofu! Eggs with metal mesh above the place under our stairs to a condo copper heads if i it! And full of bacteria, which allows them to be worried with the stacked rock foundation wich an. Are passionate about living naturally and building a like-minded community focused on the victim 's body through drain., rattlesnakes are other snakes king snakes, like mulch, shrubs, wood as... Or snakes this year, but have not got there yet blacksnakes out near the head.. Control about 7-8 hours ago and they still are not rainproof, you... Let my husband just found a 14 or 15 inch ringneck snake swimming towards me startle them t snake! Products on Amazon 3-5 ft ( 91-152 cm ), or notice even my dog reacting to it daughter snakes. Shinny snake go without eating and wind the stems around the post time killed one as we approached took! Racer picture above ( but this little dude is feisty with a black by! Have it eating the roots in my backyard, here in North Carolina,... Young birds and bird eggs see in your house of most birds prey!