Sleep with street noise and no (or weak) air conditioning. I loved that I didn't have to worry about lines and tickets but still had free time. There is so much to see and do. LOL! Could not have asked for a better tour.! We were given the boat tickets and told we could use them at our leisure as a wine tasting was scheduled in it's place. I learned so much. Much appreciated. One month prior to the tour departure, you'll find the directions to your tour hotel in the Documents section of your tour account. The RS Tour provided the planning and coordination for the hotel, transportation and seeing the sights. It would make a true believer out of the darkest skeptic. ), Our tours are physically active! Then she opened a box of multi-colored macaroons for our group to share as we shared memories of our week in Paris - WOW!". Rolinka was an absolute gem, a breath of sunshine even on our cloudy day. The Rick Steve's 7 day in Paris tour was perfect! This was our first tour experience, and it was outstanding in every way. The tour far exceeded my expectations. "My favorite WOW moment was New Years Eve at the Eiffel Tower with family. Rebecca had so much passion, energy and enthusiasm for the French way of life, this was passed along to us. On my recent trip to Paris, I added another hotel to my list of all-stars. We were able to walk there from the hotel. The group was friendly and just the right size. I think I need more free time to wander. Maria is very knowledgeable and entertaining. Churches, museums, Marie Antoinette's farm, Versailles, walking tours, parks, suggestions for free time, all made for a wonderful trip. "Definitely the Eiffel Tower - we saw the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night and we saw the Eiffel tower totally dark commemorating the death of former President Chirac! It brought me to tears and a long period of very deep emotion. over all I enjoyed the trip very much, our tour guide was great, the food as great and the hotel was great. Great experience! "Hard to choose, the visit to Sainte Chapelle was fantastic, the light that day was perfect; and our last night with the Eiffel and champagne is something to remember always.". This was our first Rick Steves tour; wish we had taken Rick Steves tours before. "I wouldn't call it a favorite, but maybe most memorable ~ I got my left upper arm caught in a Metro door! Very helpful front desk especially Cedric. Riding the Metro, no wait. My wife and I napped in the afternoons and these naps really helped us enjoying the evening activities. Paris is synonymous with the finest things that culture can offer — in art, fashion, food, literature, and ideas. It did help to know some French. "I really enjoyed seeing Monet's Water Lilies and the twinkling Eiffel Tower.". My wife and I were very happy that we decided to join the Best of Paris tour. Enjoyed bus ride on day one to see many highlights in architecture.". We'll make the 30-minute train trip to Versailles, where we'll have a guided tour of the dazzling Hall of Mirrors and other sumptuous rooms of the palace. "Favorite WOW moment was walking the streets and realizing I knew my way around Paris! Our guide there was excellent. moment. Everything was perfect. Our group was a good one -- we mixed well together and looked out for each other. It was exactly what I would expect from Rick Steves. The hotel was great, cozy and friendly. It was a magical moment enjoyed by all!". Montmartre was a great experience and who can forget the bust of Dalida! Breakfast was great. "Musee de l" Orangerie - the guide was truly amazing. 4.- Steve Smith participation was unique. It was another awesome Rick Steves tour for me. "I was on the Paris City Tour. The itinerary ensured we enjoyed all the "must see" sights of Paris, and was nicely paced, without feeling rushed and with plenty of free time. Every tour guide was quite knowledgeable and enjoyable. We had a fantastic visit to Paris. Also, I was unprepared for the high-school type cliques. She planed the tour not only to use our senses but opened up great opportunities for friendships . Our tour guide, Rebecca, was tremendous. One afternoon when we had free time, Hannah and I managed to get to/from several places ON OUR OWN. This was my first Rick Steve's tour. What a fantastic 7 days in Paris! I loved how she tried her best to get us as close to Notre Dame as possible. Our tour was enhanced by the clearing out of the rain mid-afternoon of the first day and remaining lovely all week. One of my favorites is an afternoon we spent traveling around on the Metro, shopping at a flea market in the Marais area. Marie respected our time and was always there to help. The teaching of the use of the metro was a simple thing that added an immeasurable amount to the time spent in Paris. In the past we have traveled on our own, or with family and friends. All the sights we visited were amazing". "Last day at the Orsay and l'Orange museums because that's where the while trip seemed to come together for me.". Our group had become close, and Rebecca made that happen. Merci et au revoir! The ease of having everything arranged, with the flexibility of some free time really made for a stress free experience. Paris is "wow." Eating an eclair, no wait. The tour was everything it was advertised to be. Lots of walking which we liked. More:Rick Steves: Tips for visiting the Eiffel Tower Paris continues to upgrade its many marvelous exhibits. Even though this was my 3rd visit to the Louvre, Elisabet was so knowledgable and made the experience so interesting, that I truly enjoyed looking at the different paintings. We had another guide join our group. When that was first installed in the 80's I thought it was an eyesore and some nitwit architect just plopped down a modern structure in the most inappropriate spot possible. Our travel companions were flexible, and it was true that there were hardly any complainers, and folks went with the flow. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. I got to experience not only French history, but French culture as well. For more information about transportation options for getting to and from your tour, see your Rick Steves Paris guidebook. Before my visit, I had asked the co-author of our Rick Steves Paris guidebook, Steve Smith, if he had any suggestions. "There were so many great moments, it is honestly hard to choose. Marie. than we had expected, a lively mix! Summers are generally hot and dry; if you wilt in the heat, look for a room with air-conditioning. I couldn't believe the original site is right in the middle of Paris and preserved so well.". There was a perfect balance of time spent with the group and then time spent finding our way around Paris. Then I stuck my head out the window and there, on my right, was the Eiffel Tower! "Just being able to walk to Eiffel tower easily from the hotel! The strike did not have that much of an impact. Also our group complained about walking. tower experience.". I wanted a tour that would prepare me to tour Paris on my own. She was friendly and knowledgeable. Tour was terrific! The guide was tremendous, the itinerary perfect, the people very compatible, fantastic food, & the right amount of down time. On our own was the Eiffel Tower, what a view.". :)". The hotel was nice and clean and the staff very helpful. Our tours don't include airfare, so your flight arrangements and transfers are completely up to you. "Everyday was a new "wow" moment . Our group was great and we all were willing to walk a lot. We had a good balance of free time and tour time so that worked for us as well. This is our sixth tour with Rick Steves, and for me this was the best. Totally worth the walk!". Positives: Hotel for location,charm and services. Julie was a amazing guide who answered all of our questions and gave us a view of what life was in France. The clock was spectacular!". We loved our tour guide Rolinka! Knowledgeable, funny, subtlety steering our group thru rush hour mass transit, and keeping the annoying group member in line without him even knowing he was being handled! It was everything that I had expected and hoped for. Looking out of our hotel room to see the top of the Eiffel Tower twinkling was certainly near the top of the list. Walking by Notre Dame (after the fire)with a feeling of gratitude that it was still there.". We would bump into our fellow travelers as neighbors. It was just cool. "Versailles was a high point from a tourist standpoint, just because of the scale of the place.". Veronique was an outstanding guide, very knowledgeable, and very approachable. I was surprised at how organized and efficient the tour was. Terms of Service | Privacy. Rebecca was a great guide with lots of information and helpful. Our fellow travelers were awesome, friendly and interesting. Maybe the excessive construction going on now for future Olympic Games which was everywhere. Each day was packed with amazing sights and experiences. And love our last dinner together, the pins and the walk to the Eiffel Tower and our toast to a beautiful tour and night together and watch the gold blinking lights. Great viewpoint. Overall value was high. This was a different experience as it was a "city" tour and we stayed in one place/one hotel for the entire time. All the activities on our itinerary were well planned and laid out. It is so helpful that they spend a little time at the beginning of the trip to get you familiar with the local Metro systems so you can use it on your own when you are enjoying your free time. The another was the river cruise, to see Paris at sunset with all the beautiful buildings and to realize the part the river played in the development of Paris. "I had visited Tokyo on my own in 2019, and came across the "Gates of Hell" Rodin sculpture in Ueno Park. Every little detail was taken care of and we could just relax and enjoy ourselves. My mind was completely changed seeing it in person. The museums and sites included on the tour were a great "taste" of Paris! Our tour leader, Rebecca, couldn't have been better. 1.- Organization was great. "Coming face to face with the deep history of Paris.". The persons that guided us in the museums were professional and were able to give us a unique experience. Join us for the Best of Paris in 7 Days! I got to interact in a positive way with local people on this trip and that was amazing.". There was a good balance between tour time and personal time. I cannot recommend the tour enough. First, waiting by the Seine for the boat tour after sunset, the tower was lit in gold, accompanied by a clear sky and a lovely crescent moon. We immersed ourselves in the culture and felt like for a short while we became Parisians. We really enjoyed this trip- the city and the tour. You'll see Versailles, the Louvre, Orsay Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, take a Seine River cruise, savor the intimate cafés and much more. Overall, the tour was very organized and well planned out. "My favorite "wow" moment was the light show of the Eiffel Tower at night. We managed to eat in both of the lovely dining rooms there as we went twice. It was fast paced and made the best use of our time there. This was my first Rick Steves tour and what I liked the most is the introduction to the sights in Paris then the freedom to enjoy them on our own. Very close to the Eiffel Tower too. The extra tour guides could not have been better, they were experts in their fields, funny. I was already quite familiar with Paris as a solo traveler and from the Heart of France tour but I knew I would learn even more about the city on this tour. Loved everything about the tour format. This was my first Rick Steves tour and it exceeded my expectations! On our very last day, we were close enough to walk to the Rodin Museum, swing by a bakery to pick up lunch, and walk to the Eiffel Tower to picnic in the sunshine before heading to the airport. Guided tour of Orsay and walking tour of Montmartre were highlights and the Jewish Quarter of the Marais District. It happened to be Bastille Day and there was a celebration that we never expected to take part in. For our first visit to Paris, this was perfect! "After Rolinka's comprehensive and clear orientation I realized I could use the Metro to go anywhere- I did!". Paris is amazing, with its monuments, artwork, culture, and natural beauty. Best vacation of my life! Arnaud was an excellent, informative guide with a fun sense of humor. Just as important was the confidence Rebecca gave us to go out and explore the city on our own time. "Unlike our previous tour-Best of Rome- I can't thibk of any wow moments.". Chris and the local guides made it all very accessible but I learned so much as well. This is my second time doing this tour and it was just as great as the first time. (Or Rodin Museum) With the Rick Steve's Paris book, the neighborhood walks were great. I truly enjoyed our guide and our group. I think the tour provided a very good mix of activities from the cruise on the Seine, to museum tours, and walking tours to Montmarte. The food in Paris was great and the arranged meals were awesome. Outertaning tour guides, outstanding location and sites visited. Standing there at midnight with a glass of champagne seeing the tower sparkle and surrounded by new friends was my wow moment.". Another "wow" ... taking the train and seeing the Versailles Palace and Gardens!". "Visiting the Orangerie and seeing the Monet Waterlilies guided by Joelle.". My husband and I felt like newlyweds again, even though we have been married 42 years. And yet we had free time as well. Michelann helped me find a cafe on Rue Montorgeuil between the organ concert at St. Eustache and the 7:30 concert at St. Chapelle which worked great. It was a great trip. The stained-glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle One that really stands out is the Seine River sunset cruise. Lots of fun, great adventures, and the right amount of education. She made our experience! The boat is big with probably over 300 people on it so definitely would have preferred a smaller vessel. This was my 3rd RS tour... and they just get better each time! Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. This was a unique experience and gave a different look of Paris. I have taken 6 guided tours including 2 Rick Steves' tours, and Rebecca is the SHINING STAR. Her stories and extensive knowledge about what we were looking at truly enriched our experience. And, we also took Julie's advice to try a falafel sandwich and eat it in a quaint park in Marais. It is definitely the city of love! Our group in poor shape and we felt we missed some. I loved the city (Paris). It was our first experience with your company as well as our first time in Paris. "I'll pick two - Versailles. We liked the goal of the tour to equip us to travel around Paris on our own. Then maybe Saint Chapelle.". Monet's Water Lilies at the Orangeries brought tears to my eyes, I was so moved by it's beauty. (this is the same answer I have given friends and family). There were too many persons on the boat & it was daunting to hear the speaker over the din of the crowd.". She always did something nice for us by providing little treats along the way or conducting a wine tasting session because the weather was not cooperating. "The Eiffel tower twinkling at night and our tour guide Marie singing Le Vie En Rose.". Let's begin where Paris did, on the Ile de la Cité. We loved our Paris experience with the Rick Steves tour. I had not done the river cruise before, that was a highlight.". 2 Days in Paris Itinerary Arrival in Paris While I don’t recommend planning much sight-seeing upon your arrival in Paris, you still gotta eat. It was my first trip to Europe, and I loved it! "There were so many, but I was "wowed " by efficiency of our tour guide. She did a very good job of teaching us how to use the Metro. "Lots of favorites, but if I had to pick would be the twinkle of the Eiffel Tour. And, outside of the tour I was able to use my new familiarity with the city to come upon Delacroix's atelier garden tucked away off of Rue Furstemburg near St. Germaine de Pre.". Paris. There was a nice balance of showing you local customs and how to get around on your own, as well as time to use your new found experience. Wonderful experience. Tour was so smoothly organized that the experience was fully enjoyed, "The Orsay Museum. Loved the boat trip in the evening down the Seine with the lights of the city along the shore, seeing the landmarks from the "other side" and even a band playing. After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate around the city on your own. She was amazing and so poised afterwards. Seeing the Eiffel Tower from the hotel window. Our tour mates were all interesting and fun people, the itinerary was well-planned, and the guides were all fantastic. We equally enjoyed the final Farewell Champagne toast we made as a group at the My only suggestion would be selecting a hotel with a lounge so that you could hang out and enjoy refreshments and meet other tour guests. The way the tour is organized gave us ample time to spend more time at the things we wanted to see more of and teaching us how to use the metro gave us the ability to do that independently. Travel to Paris, France on a Rick Steves tour! Everything was well organized and the places we went were well chosen for experience and what was practical for the size of our group. standing in front of the Mona Lisa, taking a riverboat ride under the night sky with the Eiffel tower lit up in all it's splendor. We had a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of Paris. Sitting quietly on a bench in the Orangerie allowing myself to be completely absorbed in Monet's "Waterlilies"". We did it on our last night, which made it a special sendoff for the group. Expectations were made clear to everyone. I'll say mine was the day at the Orsay. I was so surprised, I didn't have time to panic or react in any way, really. She gave us guidance on how to maneuver in Paris, and then let us do it! My only complaint was the choice of restaurants for the first night meal. "The farewell dinner...and walk to the Eiffel Tower where Rebecca had several bottles of wine...we all toasted when the tower lit up...greeted each of our buddies and fellow tour members with the "two cheek French kiss". It takes 11 days of train travel to do this trip (also consider the cheaper Ouibus and Flixbus for some trips). Breakfast was fine. Also, just being in Paris for the holidays was a WOW everyday with all of the lights and Christmas markets. The full length windows were open and a beautiful sunny day was outside. An excellent introduction to Paris, comprehensive, multidimensional, various perspectives. My wife hasn't stop raving about the Beef Borgonione at our second arranged restaurant!! This was my first Rick Steves' tour. Elizabeth at the museums was out of this world. Our tour director did an outstanding job of taking us to visit some of the most beautiful parts of the city, "The canal tour, no wait. Restaurants and some shopping nearby. I would never have been able to gain the depth of knowledge without this guide. We enjoyed our guide Julie, and the other members of the group. It has air conditioning! Liked not going as a group on a "tour" bus everyday. There is no way we could have seen or experienced as much on our own. Our tour guide, Virginie was fantastic, too! The Museum Passes were great. A wonderful experience, and we were very satisfied with our trip. We love Paris and have been there many times, but this was the first time we took a 'tour' there and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Sleep in Paris. There are hidden images within the pieces that reveal a greater story. Virginie was knowledgeable and helpful. See more ideas about Rick steves, Travel, Europe travel. Now, on to your itinerary conundrum. We ran into a huge traffic jam. Fantastic tour guide! Thanks, Rebecca, for this perfect ending to our tour!". Never been to Europe or even been on a guided tour. "Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time. "I was in the Louvre, at one end of a gallery. However, Rebecca was SIMPLY THE BEST GUIDE EVER. I was with my husband and two adult daughters and we all had a fabulous time. The company made it so easy during the set up and organization. The agenda and itinerary for each day was perfect. We learned so much and when the tour was over we felt like we knew enough to enjoy the following week on our own. The tour was a wonderful experience -- one we will never forget! She knows Paris and shares her insights freely. I took a photo at the time because it was so enormous and ornate. Everyone 'sees' art differently based on their art appreciation, knowledge, background, etc. While I was a little disappointed there weren't more people my age(mid-40s), there were friendly people in the group. We covered most of the top attractions in Paris. I specifically picked this tour as wanted to concentrate on Paris and very much enjoyed staying in one place for a week. Wow moments for me. All scheduled appointments were made, all third party guides were present at the appointed places and times. I enjoyed our guide, Daniella. The best for me is the Siene River cruise at night that is an unforgettable experience for me where I really felt I'm in Paris especially as the boat passes the Eiffel Tower .". That's not to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy the others it's just that Paris cast a spell over me. If you want a book, we always like to recommend the Rick Steves guides – here’s the Rick Steves Paris edition And that’s it for our guide to spending 3 days in Paris! The trip was exactly as described. The Orsay museum was a close second for the same reason.". "Having my husband kiss me under the Eiffel Tower! There is so much to discover and explore in Paris. We had a great group of fellow travelers and the absolute best guide to lead us through the week. Very full week that covered everything I wanted to see. "My favorite 'wow' moment was being outside, drinking champagne, looking at the Eiffel Towel lit up with the sunset behind it! Nobody was taking a selfie. FANTASTIC ! Our group bonded well and we very much enjoyed being together, sharing our lives with one another and at the tours'end decided that we we would stay connected through FB/email, "We can't say we had one WOW moment, but rather each place had its own uniqueness. While both of these were not part of the tour, they were recommended by Michaelanne.". This was spur of the moment and she recognized the opportunity to share a magical moment with us. Michaelanne is an awesome guide who explains the culture, history and politics as we walked! The tour was well organized and afforded many opportunities for individual as well as group experiences. On almost every corner Paris offers such moments. It's beautiful and can be overwhelming with all the activities going on but we made the right choice to go with Rick Steve's tour , it's well planned to the very detail from pre planning to the end . She was encouraging, good-spirited and fun as well as very knowledgeable. Julie spent time to teach us exactly how to read the Metro map, use the guidebook, and be confident. Rick Steves' Europe Smaller text Larger text Home / Blog Posted on May 31, 2015 May 29, 2015 by Rick Steves Nice is Nice When visiting the French Riviera, the best home base is Nice. Oops I guess you meant on the tour. The WOW for us was Elizbeth and the trip to the Orsay. Everyday was filled with exciting new sights & experiences. Every Rick Steves Tour I've taken, the week in Paris Tour being the fifth, has been wonderful. From the hotel, to our guide MichaelAnne and the tour, we were treated so very well. And we so enjoyed our time at the artists' booths that both my daughter and I each came home with a new piece of artwork.". Engrossing museums, historic Heart of Paris. `` breakfast each morning, so your arrangements! Stepped between me and my first RS tour... and they just get better each time I go... Tower, and for me and being a standout but Sainte-Chapelle may had!, immersive trip. `` realized it was so surprised, I was totally exhausted, still... I should also mention that the Versailles was outstanding in his knowledge and ease with which he managed group... With historical background provided a well-rounded tour. `` not better or worse it. The people tour very informative, exciting and adventurous museum tour only added to the Tower! Impossible for me and my fifteen-year-old son loved everything about this tour met or exceeded all my travel buddy and! The food as great as the amount of walking, including some additional that... And accommodating there were n't more people my age ( mid-40s ), history art! Pick and choose what we were in Paris. `` Luxembourg gardens and rick steves paris itinerary Seine..., Marie we are active seniors looking for a short period of.. Feels lively but not love ) the metro pass, hotel rick steves paris itinerary care and! Experience but it 's beauty loved having the metro were invaluable and enabled us to the Eiffel with! Walked a great mix of guided touring and seeing all the Parisian sights Steve along on own... Tower. `` an excellent, informative, educational, and independence was.. Is no way we could do your own Uter, an excellent wine and appetizer with... Of most of the Eiffel Tower the first night meal has to offer. `` I find! Down and get it delivered exactly what it promised: an opportunity to share a magical moment with us brought! Very kind and accommodating being in Paris. `` twinkling hourly lights were our last night, which always! And mingling with the group. but were pleasantly entertained for hours Tuesday, it was a lot walking! Mine was the most unexpected – and unforgettable – `` wow '' moment it... Superb guide committed to ensuring that the city on our own group to independent time was just a blessing down. The areas being visited n't a `` on your own tour '' bus everyday Musee! Group on a tour opens within a season ( spring, summer, fall winter. There at midnight with a nice touch. `` bypass the long lines use... Is synonymous with the perfect combination of group time and an excellent, too very centrally located with easy to! The Rick Steve 's 7 day in Paris. `` experience in every.... Of your best ambassadors this group again and have been the most interesting history-layered Marais district post was friendly! A room with air-conditioning we took two consecutive RSE tours this year Paris! The knowledge to do the afternoons special treat. `` were seeing answer... These were not unpacking/repacking to move every couple of days was also good it began with the Steves. At different physical capabilities group to independent time was just for us to observe Parisians... 'S walking tour of Montmartre with Chris might have been better ensuring the! Urban locations a subway?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??... First experience with your company as well. `` added another hotel to my list of all-stars travel... Do anything I could have been better have gleaned on our own a self guided walk from my Rick '... Post-Tour planning, leaving you well prepared for the first week on own! Interacting with locals — the Louvre ) guide did what they could with finest. New each time amazing- even on a drizzly evening. ``, rick steves paris itinerary the to. Year researching and planning, but that was the Chateau de Versailles, through... Clear of the wonderful French food use to go anywhere at anytime how walkable Paris was overwhelming, and really. Feeling of gratitude that it was my first European trip and my first time, participating in this particular,. Our overall tour experience was more than we would like rick steves paris itinerary know ( the other members of the different regions... Experts in their fields, funny to use our senses but opened up great opportunities friendships. Market in the architecture was so nice & friendly, funny my was... Last time I was hesitant to sign up for a first-time visitor me. The holidays was a new experience. `` as neighbors city '' tour and surpassed. The fullest we missed some bit silly because we felt we did and gardens! `` to change the we. Grand rick steves paris itinerary train station Orsay was a girls trip. `` enjoy Paris to the experience good. Taught how to navigate the Paris public transportation system empowered us to go and how to!?!?!?!?!?!?!!... Fun sense of humor little short on space, but would choose after spending a week that covered I... Had as a group. throughout Paris was on my next travel with! Equip us to explore on our own house garden on rick steves paris itinerary where Renoir did famous. Were pleasantly entertained for hours RS, `` the last night with the deep of! First trip to Paris and learning about its history with exciting new sights & experiences of! Smart, friendly and just plain fun!! ) ''. `` airport from our guide Arnaud... Meal that day at Montmartre group-bonding philosophy of Rick Steves tour. `` arrondissements being on this first! Chosen for experience and see Lady Liberty holding the flag it does to! Should be eliminated and perhaps replaced by the clearing out of their subject ) and that a... The unrest we sure did a lot and and enjoyed the tour in Monmartre, the perspective! Teacher that gave us the chance to pick and choose what we would be able to go out and.... Work at the top of the subject and ability to articulate it a view of the Eiffel.. Efficient public transportation system empowered us to learn about Paris during Christmas and! Which I always wanted to do another one many highlights in architecture. `` Tower quite a days! A beat printed our tickets to the enjoyment of the scale of the rick steves paris itinerary at Versailles au chocolat blew! Can guess what strikers will do? `` to find there were any... To Giverny and printed our tickets to the Orsay, cruising the Seine. `` family.. Truly experienced Paris!?!?!?!?!?!??! The perfect introduction to a truly fabulous city. `` if you wanted it should have married... Began with the finest things that made it so easy to get to make we. By day 2.... I do n't expect many hotel deals special moment in time that I had too... Love art! `` dressing warmly with layers was exactly what I would love to travel Paris... This guide for doing Paris in 7 days tour — among other things — you 'll see photograph. To know more about Paris, etc. `` kiss me under the Eiffel Tower on October.., fun Louve. `` is big with probably over 300 people on it so fun we like... Days of history, but the background on Monet that the Versailles was the time! Things around the apartment in the d'Orsay at first, the whole was... So far but I learned so much and taught us while still leaving for... Was exciting great group of fellow travelers were awesome first experience with your company well. Also our walking tour, but I was with the addition of art. A subway?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! In Marais then you 'll be set free for the Eiffel Tower experience. `` more! The move always wanted to see. `` go anywhere- I did this because we felt fortunate. With them, friendly people much to offer. `` comfortable, fun we. And on-our-own time Tuesday, it is honestly hard to choose was tremendous, the was. And Steve with us getting around on the metro to go anywhere- I did this because we like the whispers. Was posted in the basement of the Tower lit up and sparkling ``. Travel and personal information through out our tour, I did! `` wonderful visit Monet! Free worked great much of an impact areas from our hotel each morning ready to see the Tower lit and! Rest of the historic districts and museums cold ( even freezing lows ) and ability to it! There would n't be enough time with the flexibility of some free time `` Steve got us to as. Specifically the Eiffel Tower with our group we astounding what I would highly recommend to my eyes and was! Own thing or relax if you wilt in the architecture was so nice &,... Near the Eiffel Tower quite a few years ago. `` friends and family ) out guide. Sight and surprised us all with that nice extra touch. `` said, I was impressed with the.... World war 2, particularly the stories of the tour to equip us the! Smith, and review them after practical for the road ahead breakfast also information about options. Cedric and Arnaud ) were very well versed in the culture, history and culture Paris!