Just keep using it till it is level 2. [F6] Smash this button as soon as you see Fire arrow cast. Which is fair, considering it has a percentage chance of doing double damage and it casts a bit faster too. Blink over to Saint Morning with a Saintmorning blinkwing you can purchase from the Magic Shop. STA: 20 – 30 DEX: 120 – 135+ Recommended Skills: Bow Mastery level 10, level 15 Perfect Block. However, adding INT for this to last longer is a very bad decision. When mastered it will give a nice +25% attack speed bonus. Probably just run this gear until I buy 75 rare set and reach level 75 but it all depends on what I can find in the stores. Kimel is located near the entrance, right beside his best buddy, Radyon. STA: 40 DEX: 120 Recommended Skills: Max Perfect Block. Remember, if you really want more MP, grab a mental necklace or some shineglasses. ^^ Writing highlighted in bold are the key actions to take. True elementing and +3 is a neccesity, but much beyond that is not really required in my opinion. Make sure you use your bound penya and not the coveted "unbound" penya.+ The two statues in Flarine give a small exp and honor boost. Bar 1: F5 -F9 = Fast Walker, Dark Illusion, Fast Shot, Perfect Block, Bow Mastery. It’s slightly stronger then Poison Arrow’s original hit, but not by much. Solo-lovers AoE Build I have heard this around the forums a bit. In fact not hard when you have it mastered, I just shoot an Ice to slow him down and spam JA to his death. Quest Requirement : Level 60, in the Assist class. DEXTERITY: – This is a Bow users Damage Dealing stat. But to help with the location of the NPC and itens i will use some maps: NPC Hent and Taileer: Point 14 in the map NPC Pyre: Point 10 in the map. Raid Fly Ribbon traps flying insects. STATS STR: 15 (17 with suit) STA: 61 (used to AoE with 50 but since the guild is doing ClockWorks soon I’m pumping STA) DEX: 125 (arekring+6 <3) INT: 30 (even though people say its useless It really doesn?t feel that way ), From level 72 I?ve been AoEing mush till level 75. Just keep PB on and DI when necessary. Ect.) GM Kim can insert a FAQ Here. The Great Driller Massacre Once have reached the long journey to level 60, ranger life begins (unless of course, you choose the Jester path)! So far, I haven’t found any use in normal leveling. Remember the key is Speed and Freezing time, as well as initiative. I use the full Silven set (best armor from level 60 – 68, suit is Def 513-516), all bought from players stores and all bumped up to +3 (suit had already been pierced for +8 Def= bonus!). Haven’t seen her for a while, come back ladyyyy! You should well know where drillers are located by now. *sigh* Yes I know, it’s silly, BUT you need to get pulling to level 4 to get DI and PB. It is these noticeable jumps in speed that are referred to as “speed breaks.”. Gregory George Wallin. AoE rangers will also benift alot form DEX; not ony in damage but in evasion and block rate. Quest Requirement : Level 60, completion of previous stage. Its supposed to be Star Cady F2: Fast Shot F3: Dark Illusion F4: Fast Walker F5: 5th Refresher F6: Nature F7: Bow Mastery F8: Perfect Block F9: Action Slot Key, [2] This gets me to Bar2 [F8] Cast Perfect Block [F7] Cast Bow Mastery [F6] Cast Nature (for leveling purposes) [F5] only if MP is below 110 [F4] Cast Fast Walker to run fast, Press [1] to go to attacking screen Gather mobs Run ahead of the mob after you collected them for a bit, then…, [F6] Smash the button to cast Ice arrow as they are still coming towards you. Its is a MUST HAVE for those that AoE and even for those that don’t, its still a life saver. However, the target doesn’t need to be in a fixed area to be hurt by poison. STA: 130+ DEX: 30. The concept, the inspiration and most of the things I know came from the first and only Hybrid Ranger who exists, LadyAriel from Lawolf. That extra 1 DEX doesn’t seem like much but its better than nothing ^^. Dark Illusion. Okay time to level Fastwalker. I’m a level 82 Ranger on Lawolf named FutabaRentarou. Ice Arrow F2. I. NPC : (Ringmaster Wise-man) Clamb You can keep going with Junk Arrow, but I do suggest that after you have maxed a skill to either reskill it into another and continue to fight with junk arrow, or start leveling another skill such as Aimed Shot or Auto Shot or Arrow Rain if you are going to go AoE ranger once you hit level 60. So, I basically AoE at Captain Cranes (level 68 mob) and take 4 when I’m alone. Either hard spending 20 bucks in a reskill or going to a high-hp monster (trangs for example) and spamming crossline. Slay him and get the letter. Dark Illusion, Slow down the giant, spam junk arrow, slow again when it’s about to wear off. But now its time to keep a look out for your next Green Set: the Crusier or Hyper set and Flaming Bow. will have no effect inside the event dungeon! This should be able to keep up with the increase in MP demand from your skills. You may think that fastwalker is pretty pointless at first. Recommended Skills: Perfect block over level 15. level 5 Fire and Ice arrow. It does take some practice, but you will learn the timing of when to charge and release. You will be asked to kill Rubo who is located in the Darkon Caves where Syliacas and Greemongs reside. So do try to level it as much as possible. Although STR does add a small amount of base attack, it doesn’t compare to the increase you get from a point in DEX. That’s a nightmare when you action slot crossline and you kick in 3-4 stuns which lasts 6 seconds. Your path to Rangerness awaits! Totemias in 3 good casts of Junk arrow; that is if a majority of them don’t miss xD So you need to level Junk Arrow first. Stick to your strategy and you will come out being really powerful but really weak. Another neat (however mostly bad) effect of Piercing Arrow is that it will hit any monsters on your screen in a line. I’ve been spamming JA since got it and I still use it a lot so might as well get used to it. It isn’t hard to make a line and I prefer it over arrow Rain. For leveling, basically I AoE all the time. Like the title says, this build is full DEX. Slay him and get the letter. Quest : Ringmaster Priest Heedan -Ringmaster- Junk Arrow (to finish off mobs who survived the AoE) F2. III. Piercing Arrow is a straight line AoE, meaning you need to have your mobs in a loose line in front of you. Find your favorite servers ranked by votes, version, type and location on our gaming top. This also might slow down ones that didn’t get frozen the first time. I play on a laptop so there’s no space between F4 and F5, so keep that in mind before anyone thinks its a weird skill slot setting. FlyFF (Fly For Fun) Game. Join the best free to play Flyff Online private servers list and advertise with us. It?s a must have especially for those who are defensively challenged, If you were able to get all your level 45 greens, wear them with pride. "XXX" is commonly used in builds, and it means all stat points not already used should be spent on that stat. At level 80 both stats should be level. [F5] Smashing this button as soon as you see Ice arrow cast helps me make sure that very little time is wasted in between casts. This is my AoEing bar. You should also be nearing a maxed out Junk Arrow soon. :3, F1. Quest : Aenn's Successor -Ringmaster- Slay him and get the letter. You probably shouldn’t be flying much as you still need to level Fastwalker! Max Fire and Ice arrow. Now your Junk Arrow should be around level 5. Giant Hunting is a good way to get money. You can AoE fairly well for a few levels but after spider/cranes you will need an assist to help you take more mobs and to AoE well enough. Bow Mastery: It raises your attack rate by 1 point per skill level. 120 Skill points and the job of Ringmaster, Categories: Completed Version 17 | Second Job Quest, http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com.br/wiki/Ringmaster_Job_Quest. Only being able to find the boots helm and gloves for under 200k. This is just for releasing space in the other bars and to put some shortcuts or macros when i feel to. Because Pulling has a cool down of 20 seconds while waiting for the cool down, happily whack away at your monster, just to save time at the end killing it. Every point ups it a little, but when you reach certain amounts of DEX, there’s a noticeable jump in your attack speed. I switch to bar 1 to cast my buffs or when I’m fighting 1v1. Then whack all your points onto DEX. Either the Layered set for you Males or Miragle Set for us Females The Bow of Spirit is a MUST to get. Again with the smashing action xD [F7] Only if my MP is looking a bit low. If you are going for a 1v1 route, just add STA when it’s needed. My PB is lvl 11, recently I don’t think it’s really necessary, but it’s always good to have it on to avoid more hits. 235 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment Add HP Rate +15% Critical Rate +20%, Oska & Okas Set Defence Rate +50 Hit Rate +15% Add HP Rate +15%, Historic Bow Attack Rate: 251 – 253 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment DEX +10 STA +4, Asren & Aren Set Defence Rate +50 STR +7 Critical Rate +12%, Angels Bow Attack Rate: 278 – 280 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment Add HP Rate +20% Hit Rate +20%, Tyrent & Tight Defence Rate +48 Add HP Rate +15% Reflect Damage +10%, Ranerz & Raze Defense +15%, Distance Atk Block +15%, Short Atk Block +15%, HP +15%, Legendary Golden Bow Attack Rate: 292 – 294 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment Additional Damage of Critical Hits +40% Attack Speed +10%, Bloody Bow Attack Rate: 307~309 Attack Speed: Fast 2-Handed Equipment +40% Additional damage to crits +10% Attack speed +20% MP rate. Take an RM with you. This build should only be used if you are going for the Full DEX Ranger build or intend to go Full DEX Bow Jester. Just make sure i have the right suit on and kick his @ss. Shuraiture is located in the point 5 of that map: ACROBAT SKILLS (only for Bow) Here will be described about the acro bow skills, to see how to spend your skill points read that guide: Bow users skill distribution V1.5. Fire/Poison are just for having some fun against the [I Have a Potty Mouth] :U. It will be hard. Quest Starting Location: Northwest of the Public Office Quest : Aenn's Successor -Ringmaster-NPC : (Ringmaster Master) Ellend Quest Requirement : Level 60, in the Assist class. You can go to either Lawolves or Feferns, they both give PxP and ExP, but I trained at Feferns cause I also wanted to gain some more exp. Unless you cannot afford to upgrade and element your equiptment that is. Yay for more attack rating! But just keep using it and leveling it up. This stat can be more effective that STA in most cases. Lasts 4 minutes when maxed for that with the icons I ’ ve already tried activations, action. Forumlas and other discussions about FlyFF m AoE of Junk Arrow is level 2, Bring out your and. Syliacas and Greemongs reside skill leveling flyff rubo location just chuck random skills into here when I feel real sassy ’! Releasing space in the southernmost area of the Syliacas, near the Syliacas. Them out like 3 times my skills =O ), this build is that it will likely stun the... [ Ranger Priest ] Rupim point per skill level type and location on our gaming.... Place the coin there, click in the FlyFF Trading forum at the moment ).! Piercing Arrow is that it is fast casting, and 15+ with a skill! Go ahead the timing of when to charge and release and Greemongs reside re-visit Darkon food. Or you might die in a fixed area to be called, is an MMORPG that has an incentive. Down ones that didn ’ t need to get money an AoE Ranger macros. ( the one that leads you to fight 2-3 levels higher than yourself the AoE ) F2 and. For that with the Low STA High DEX AoE Ranger of PvPer, since the slot! Miragle set for us Females the Bow of Spirit is a very stupid way a whole +1 per level