J-Hope: Aquarius. A report recently came out that Pledis Entertainment might finally be launching their large boy group, Seventeen, in April!. Movie release dates have gone from a certainty to something you have to worryingly check every 3-5 days in case everything has changed again. But that’s in South-Korea-time, which is many hours ahead of US-time. So technically, at the time of their debut, it was June 12 in America, and June 13 in Korea, and it’s both if you want to be literal with it. Birth Date Your Birth Color; December 23rd - 1st January Red: January 2nd - 11th January Orange: January 12th - 24th January Yellow: January 25th - 3rd February Pink: February 4th - 8th February Blue: February 9th - 18th February Green: February 19th - 28th February Brown: March 1st - 10th March Aqua: March 11th - 20th March Unfortunately, IMDB TV has not given any indication when this series will debut, but most likely, we'll have to wait until at least 2021 to see the new season. The show concluded with the group's debut showcase. Here's everything you need to know about Bachelor in Paradise 2020—from the cast, to the filming dates, to concerns over coronavirus and potential cancellation. It began as a publication geared toward inspiring teen girls to become model workers and citizens. Their official debut date is June 13, 2013. The Muppets 2008 Day-at-a … Though Aquariuses are shy and quiet at times, they can also be energetic and … Since his birthday is February 18, 1994, J-Hope is an Aquarius. 2015: Debut with 17 Carat and Boys Be [edit | edit source] Seventeen debuted on May 26 with a live showcase televised by MBC. The Voice returns for season 19 in the middle of the month, with shows on Monday, Oct. 19, and Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 8-10 p.m. Superstore rings up its season 6 … The May 9th date cropped up again in a Ford press release promoting the debut of Kermit's Ford commercial during the Super Bowl on February 6, 2006; it included a biography of Kermit, which stated his birth date as May 9, 1955. Prior to debut, Seventeen also appeared in the reality TV show Seventeen Project: Debut Big Plan, broadcast on MBC between May 2–26, 2015. Seventeen is an American bimonthly teen magazine based in New York City.The magazine's reader-base is 13-to-19-year-old females and is published by New York City-based Hearst Corporation.Since its debut in New York City in August 1944. SM Entertainment said Monday that aespa, the agency's first K-pop act in four years, is set to officially debut on Nov. 17. There is no premiere date yet.