What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a key player in every healthcare team. They are called to perform varied roles and duties as they provide support to the medical staff and assistance to patients.

Why choose a career as a CNA?

CNA training provides tremendous flexibility. It can be a starting point that leads to nursing or another health career, or it can be the beginning of a lifelong career of service to patients and their family.

Why Attend Believe Health Institute?

Believe is a unique blend of exceptional hands on training and outstanding classroom learning experience.The CNA training at Believe is affordable and takes a minimal amount of time to complete.

How do I contact Believe Health Institute?

Call our admission representatives at (203)3320763  or provide us with your information on the "contact us" page and one of our ecucational advisors will contact you.

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   We are a Prometric-IFT.  CNA license testing done onsite

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