Program description

Certified Nursing Assistant

The course which is one hundred and twenty four (124) hours in length includes sixty four (64) hours of lecture and thirty (30) hours of lab/skill training; and the clinical aspect is thirty (30) hours at a clinical site demonstrating and mastering patient/resident care skills learned in the lecture and lab training. Satisfactory completion of the course provides eligibility to take the certification examination for the state of Connecticut as a certified nursing assistant.

The certified nursing assistant course provides the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform essential care for a patient in an acute setting, or a resident in a long-term care setting. Those essential services include bathing, feeding, lifting turning and positioning, and transporting the patient using proper body mechanics. In addition, students will learn about abuse and neglect, recognizing depression, dealing with dementia patients, infections control, catheter care, universal precautions, workplace safety, and signs and symptoms to report to supervising professionals. This course prepares the student to function in the role of nursing assistant under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

Believe Health Institute strives for our student’s excellence with best practice skills. We are committed to providing a complete curriculum that will adequately prepare our students with the appropriate information in a safe, clean and fully operational environment. It is the responsibility of the students to successfully pass the final exam. The successful completion of this course will be a rewarding and life-changing experience.

Certified Nurse Aide Refresher


The refresher course is forty (40) hours long; twenty (20) hours of classroom and twenty (20) hours of skills training. The refresher course is designed for Certified Nurse aide whose registration has lapsed and need a review class in order to take the state of Connecticut Certified Nurse Aide Exam.


*Please Note that students are responsible for the test fee for the certified nursing assistant state exam that is not included in the course program fee.


Approved by The Connecticut Office of Higher Education and The Connecticut Department of Public Health

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